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So you want to become a balloonatic!

It’s an experience like no other, to gently float above a picturesque landscape whilst flying a Hot Air Ballooning. You are in control, using the winds to help you steer your aircraft as you enjoy the spectacular scenery unfolding below you is truly amazing.

Within the pages of this web site you will find all the information and resources you need to become a Hot Air Balloon pilot, but lets first answer two questions that everyone seems to ask:

balloon-icon How do you steer a balloon?

Normally on any given day the prevailing wind directions differ at different heights. So lets say at 1000 feet off the ground if the wind direction is a Northerly and at 200 feet off the ground the wind direction is an Easterly this would mean that by simply adjusting the balloons height it can use the winds to steer. Changing a balloons height is very simple and a good balloon pilot will be able to chart a course before they take off and choose exactly where they wish to land.

balloon-icon Is it safe?

Statistically flight is the safest form of travel and statistically Hot Air Ballooning is the safest form of flight. So it is actually safer to be in the Hot Air Balloon than in the retrieve vehicle on the ground following. In all aviation endeavours safety is the number one priority and Hot Air Ballooning is no exception.

Being a Balloon Pilot is a very rewarding endeavour. The sheer enjoyment of the flight, the ability to share that experience with family, friends and even paying passengers is such a buzz that your whole outlook on life will never be the same. To become a Hot Air Balloon pilot is truly a worthy goal.

Hot Air Balloon parts, envelope, basket and burner

A Hot Air Balloon Has Three Essential Parts:

The burner: heats the air.
The balloon envelope: holds the air.
The basket: carries the passengers. 

To Pilot a Balloon you will learn how to properly control these parts in conjunction with the weather, ground conditions and rules of balloon flight.

A Hot Air Balloon Pilot is a master of many skills!

So check out what you need to get a Balloon Licence here.

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