Why Become A Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Written by Brett Watson on February 24, 2016

There is nothing like the thrill and adventure of a hot air balloon. Imagine yourself high up in the sky, with an open, breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape below. One of the best professions is definitely a hot air balloon pilot. The job comes with many great perks and you should definitely consider it. Here are some of the reasons why you should become a hot air balloon pilot:


Pilot a Balloon


  • The thrill of flying – You may not be interested in training to become an airplane or helicopter pilot, but still want the thrill of flying your very own vessel. One way to achieve this is to learn how to fly a hot air balloon and become a pilot. You can enjoy the serene environment up in the sky while you enjoy the ride with others.
  • Pays Well – Due to the increase of people who want to experience a hot air balloon ride, a hot air balloon pilot is becoming a profession that pays quite well. This is another reason why you should consider a career as a pilot of a hot air balloon. In fact, you can have a lucrative business in this line of work by owning your own hot air balloon company.
  • Fun and Enjoyable – You cannot say this of many professions, but a hot air balloon pilot certainly has many opportunities to have fun at work. You are sure to enjoy every day at work. If you are looking for a job that is fun and enjoyable, becoming a hot air balloon pilot is a great career option.
  • Get a Drone License – Are you looking for a way to get a Drone license? It may be a surprise for you to learn this, but one of the cheapest ways to get a drone license is to become a hot air balloon pilot. Because there are new rules, people who own drones are taking advantage of strange and unexpected legal loop holes.
  • Giving people a new experience – As a hot air balloon pilot, you are able to give people who are looking for something new and exciting an experience that they will remember and cherish for many years. You play a part in helping them create unforgettable memories, whether it is when you take them on a romantic hot air balloon ride, a celebration with friends and family or a group of tourists who want to explore a new place in a unique way.
  • Relatively New Career option – Becoming a hot air balloon pilot is a great career option as it is still a relatively new one. Not many people have chosen this as a career path so you have an excellent opportunity to have a successful and financially beneficial profession. You can be one of the few people who work as a hot air balloon pilot.

As you can see, becoming a hot air balloon pilot has quite a few benefits. These are benefits that not many other professions offer. If you are thinking about what career path to take, you should definitely consider getting training to become a hot air balloon pilot.


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