Interesting Hot Air Balloon Facts

Written by Brett Watson on August 8, 2016


  • Balloons fly early in the morning as that is when there is usually less wind.
  • Hot Air Balloons vary in size from single person balloons to multi-story baskets that could carry 40 people.
  • It was initially thought that the smoke from fires kept balloons afloat
  • You do not wear a parachute when ballooning.
  • A Hot Air Balloon can float by heating up and thinning the air inside the envelope. Hot air is less dense and less heavy than cold air.
  • Winds travel in different directions at different heights which allows a balloon to “steer” by adjusting its height.
  • There is a huge vent at the top of the balloon to let out hot air.
  • Balloons can come in all shapes and sizes. From standard oval shape to car shapes or even dog shapes.
  • Propane gas is used in the burners, in many cases this can be obtained from any service station.
  • Many balloons have rotation vents in their sides so the pilot can spin the balloon around.
  • Balloon envelopes are made from rip stop nylon.
  • Summer is the hardest time to fly a balloon as the air is warmer and it takes more fuel to heat the air inside the envelope so it is hotter than the air outside.
  • Balloons traveling at the same height are all in the same wind direction so will not crash into each other.
  • Balloon pilots love to do a “splash and dash” where they skim the bottom of the basket across a lake or body of water.
  • You are not allowed to fly a Hot Air Balloon over an ocean.





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