Great Places To Go For A Balloon Ride

Written by Brett Watson on August 14, 2016

Hot air balloon rides have become very popular over the past two decades and seem to be maintaining it’s place on most people’s favorite things to do list. The experience gives you a weightless feeling and a bird’s eye view from above, but the weather and other factors play a role in taking part in these activities.

Would you like to go up with a group of friends? Maybe an intimate encounter with your better half is more on the agenda. No matter who or why you’re taking part with in this dynamic ride; there are many cool locations to take part in and some really nice panoramic views to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the contenders.


Great Places For A Hot Air Balloon Flight

Best Areas For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ballooning in Napa Valley, California

has some of the best views while hot air ballooning. The countryside is vast and expansive while giving you a more intimate look at the valleys beautiful vineyards. Northern California’s climate is perfect for these specific occasions and offers a high number days per year for enjoying this attraction. Looking down over this expansive region gives you a nice perspective of life in-general and provides great views of the homes and wineries in this scenic area.


Hot Air Balloon ride in Orlando, Florida

had to be on this list of the best areas for hot air ballooning. This ride gives you spectacular views of the entire area such as Disney World, open farm lands, and Universal. The Orlando Metropolitan Area has a more exciting vibe about it as you can see the bustling city below your very feet. Orlando perhaps is the theme park capital of the world and from viewing from above; gives you a much better appreciation for what this place has to offer. Unfortunately, Orlando’s weather keeps you from taking part in ballooning. The hot temperatures and humidity combined with the seabreeze creates a recipe for thunderstorms mostly during the Summer months of June, July, and August. The only time for hot air ballooning in this area is around sunrise and sunset.


Ballooning in The Australian Outback

couldn’t be left out as it delivers an astonishing view of the land down under. Australia is stunning to the naked eye with it’s vast open areas and many of it’s regions are mysterious. You’ll surely get your eyes full viewing the country’s native land marks like Ayers Rock and roaming wild animals such kangaroos and wild dogs. If you want total excitement, the land down under definitely gives it to you.


Hot Air Balloon Flight over Queenstown, New Zealand

is a scenic lovers paradise and if you have an appreciation for nature, hot air ballooning is a must for you. Soaring high above the area gives you panoramic views of this country’s mountains, lakes, and rivers. New Zealand countryside has that undisturbed native environment about itself that lacks modern structure. One things for sure; you cannot forget your camera and if you do you’ll definitely be kicking yourself afterward. If you’ve ever watched the Lord of The Rings movies, New Zealand is a direct replica because this is actually where the movie was shot. Simply stunning, amazing, and picturesque.


Before taking part in this activity, safety is a priority. Some due diligence is a great way to go about by checking the company or pilot’s resume such as pilot’s license, hours flown, airman’s certificate, FFA knowledge and more. Once you’ve narrowed down your search; the sky is the limit…literally.


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