How Safe is Hot Air Ballooning?

Written by Brett Watson on August 5, 2016

Hot air ballooning is one of the most exciting forms of recreational flying. Being suspended high in the sky in a basket with the roar of the burners will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. However, the contraption of the hot air balloon makes one wonder whether this form of flying is safe, specially since […]

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Seattle Ballooning Pilot Training

Written by Brett Watson on April 12, 2016

Here at Hot Air Flight we want to make it easy to get your Hot Air Balloon Licence and will showcase exceptional people and Ballooning Companies around the world that can help you on your Journey.  Eliav Cohen from Seattle Ballooning* is one such person and if you live anywhere near him (or even if you […]

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Why Become A Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Written by Brett Watson on February 24, 2016

There is nothing like the thrill and adventure of a hot air balloon. Imagine yourself high up in the sky, with an open, breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape below. One of the best professions is definitely a hot air balloon pilot. The job comes with many great perks and you should definitely consider it. […]

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The Joy of a Hot Air Balloon ride

Written by Brett Watson on February 15, 2016

No matter how old they are, one common feature on people’s bucket list across the world is a hot air balloon ride. Whether it is over the breathtaking vineyards of Tuscany, the beautiful British countryside or a Kenyan Safari, hot air balloon rides definitely seem to be a popular choice for people who want to […]

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Balloon Pilot Gear

Written by Brett Watson on February 7, 2016

We have talked in an earlier post about essential ballooning equipment and that covers a lot of gear that pilot, crew and even passenger would find extremely useful but I also wanted to touch on some really helpful gear just for a Balloon Pilot. A Hot air Balloon Pilot has their own special needs and […]

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Essential Ballooning Equipment

Written by Brett Watson on February 5, 2016

Hot Air Ballooning is actually a science. There are a lot of Physics involved, especially when it comes to buoyancy, and Chemistry take a major role. In reality we are dealing with some very dangerous elements including fire, gas and the power of the wind. Not to mention vehicles, ropes, carabiners etc. The bonus is we […]

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My first solo Hot Air Balloon flight

Written by Brett Watson on February 4, 2016

Flying a hot air balloon is an amazing experience and whilst many people will fly as a passenger in a balloon actually piloting a balloon is something I wanted to share. Join me on my first solo flight. My first solo flight in a hot air balloon is one of the most amazing things I […]

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