Hot Air Ballooning Fun Facts

Written by Brett Watson on November 24, 2016

Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most popular adventures that an individual should try at least one in their lifetime. These hot air flights are also on many peoples “bucket lists”. It doesn’t matter the age of the individual as long as that person can abide by the rules and regulations for safety (basically […]

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Hot Air Balloon passenger, all you need to know.

Written by Brett Watson on November 11, 2016

Are you thinking of going on a Hot Air balloon ride? A Hot Air Balloon Flight is one of the most amazing things you will ever do and is on just about every person’s ‘bucket list’, for good reason. Flying serenely over a majestic landscape followed by a luxurious champagne breakfast is an amazing experience […]

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Popular hot air balloon festivals around the world

Written by Brett Watson on November 9, 2016

Hot Air Balloons are a fan favorite for people of all ages. If you would like a bird’s eye view of the area’s landscape, these light-bulb shaped transporters provide the best panoramic view in most cases. So what exactly is a hot air balloon? To make things a bit more simple; hot air balloons are […]

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Thinking of becoming a Hot Air Balloon Pilot?

Written by Brett Watson on August 23, 2016

Thinking of becoming a hot air balloon pilot? It’s a wonderful occupation; it is a beautiful way to see the world and meet new people. This is the perfect job for those who love to ‘go where the wind blows’ them. Flying a Balloon is a Unique Experience Flying a hot air balloon is an […]

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How do you steer a Hot Air Balloon?

Written by Brett Watson on August 17, 2016

One of the most asked questions when you tell someone you are a hot air balloon pilot is “How do you steer a hot air balloon?” Fair enough it is actually a good quest. Most people think that there is no control over where you go and where you land. How wrong they are!   […]

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Hot Air Balloon Games and Toys

Written by Brett Watson on August 16, 2016

Everyone loves a Balloon Toy, Puzzle or Game. Here are just a few.   Ready to Fly Hot Air Balloon Simple To Launch, you just need a hair dryer or heater Attach the string and it does not fly away 8ft by 6ft High Hot Air Balloon Experience the adventure of Hot Air Ballooning in […]

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Why not use a Drone for your Hot Air Balloon Videos

Written by Brett Watson on August 15, 2016

Hot Air Balloon companies are always looking for ways to value add and improve the services they provide for their passengers. Hot Air Balloon Photography Hot Air Ballooning and Photography has always gone hand in hand. It is an integral part of any balloon flight and just about every Hot Air Balloon Company across the […]

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Great Places To Go For A Balloon Ride

Written by Brett Watson on August 14, 2016

Hot air balloon rides have become very popular over the past two decades and seem to be maintaining it’s place on most people’s favorite things to do list. The experience gives you a weightless feeling and a bird’s eye view from above, but the weather and other factors play a role in taking part in […]

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How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

Written by Brett Watson on August 9, 2016

Hot Air Balloons are amazing aircraft; they look so simple and basic but they are extremely complex and intricate. They are serene and gentle but the noise of a burner can be loud and scary. Hot Air Balloons are flying paradoxes. The Cost of a Hot Air Balloon Firstly we need to understand that Hot […]

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Interesting Hot Air Balloon Facts

Written by Brett Watson on August 8, 2016

  Balloons fly early in the morning as that is when there is usually less wind. Hot Air Balloons vary in size from single person balloons to multi-story baskets that could carry 40 people. It was initially thought that the smoke from fires kept balloons afloat You do not wear a parachute when ballooning. A […]

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