Balloon Pilot Gear

Written by Brett Watson on February 7, 2016

We have talked in an earlier post about essential ballooning equipment and that covers a lot of gear that pilot, crew and even passenger would find extremely useful but I also wanted to touch on some really helpful gear just for a Balloon Pilot.

A Hot air Balloon Pilot has their own special needs and requirements. They are responsible for the safe flight of their passengers and balloon. Because of this they really do need to have a few important ballooning gear.


Emergency Ignition System

A pilot should have a way to relight the burners if the inbuilt burner piezo fails. This does happen. As a pilot I actually always had two or more backups just in case. I would carry long safety matches and a long nose gas lighter but the best and most often reached for is the striker.

There are many different strikers on the market but this one is what I use and in my opinion is the one of the easiest and most reliable around. The Lighting Bug Lighter is a great addition to any balloonist’s pilot bag.


Gas Bottle Multi Purpose Ballooning Bag

OK I know what you are thinking – this is just a waist bag or fanny pack. In reality it is but these packs fit perfectly around the top of any one of the Balloon’s gas bottles and allows the Balloon Pilot instant access to multiple important bits of gear.

These bags can hold your emergency ignition systems, spare radios, snacks, pocket knife. licence, spare batteries, instrumentation etc – basically many small things every balloonist needs but kept in a convenient bag that can be easily transported. The bonus of a bag like this is if you keep it well stocked with all your ballooning needs you just need to remember the bag – not everything else!!

Check out the Multifunctional Balloonists Canvas Pack here.



Balloon Pilot Log Book

Comply with FAA’s requirement when it comes to your balloon Flights.

These beautiful bound logbooks are tough but flexible.

ASA’s logbooks have been the standard for all aviators and as we know, a Hot Air Balloon Pilot must use an approved logbook such as The Standard Pilot Log (Burgundy)





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